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Whether you are a contractor, claims adjuster, or someone looking to start a new and exciting career, we have the resources you need. On this site you will find general information, licensing requirements, training resources, and continuing education, as well as job opportunities in the insurance claims field.
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If you are looking for a career that may be less affected by the economy, claims adjusting may be it. Because most insurance claims are driven by weather, claims professionals tend to be less affected by downturns in the economy. In fact, when the economy slows down, new opportunities are created for adjusters in fraud investigation.

For the adjuster there is education, adjuster tools, and tips on getting jobs.

If you are looking to change careers and think you have what it takes to become an adjuster, click on Learn to be an Adjuster.

For contractors you will find estimating education, discount estimating software and tips for getting more business. You will find this information under contractor information.

On this site you will find several videos that may answer any questions you have. Please click on each video that may interest you. What is an adjuster explains the different types of adjusters that we are involved with. If you are a self motivated individual with somewhat of an entrepreneurial spirit you may be the prime candidate for a career as an independent adjuster.

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