Adjuster Tools

Ladder CATy Ladder Rack

The only trailer hitch receiver mounted ladder rack on the market. This ladder rack securely stores your ladder behind your vehicle. You ladder locks in place using a trailer hitch locking pin. If you need access to your rear hatch/trunk/tailgate, the Ladder CATy folds down for easy access. When you are done with work, simply pull the Ladder CATy out the receiver, and it stores easily in an upright position, holding your ladder, using the optional T-Bar attachment.

4/2009 Haag Shingle Gauge

This gauge is designed to determine the warranty on composite shingles. This is a key item every insurance adjuster should own. Some insurance companies are even requiring adjuster's to submit a photo showing the warranty level of a shingle with their estimate.

1/12 Shingle Gauge

The 1/12 Shingle Gauge measures the thickness of 3-Tab shingles, and based on analyses made by Haag, correlates that thickness to a warranty range. The 1/12 Shingle GaugeTM is an estimating tool which provides users with a warranty range for 3-Tab Shingles. There are a small number of outlying shingles which do not conform to the gauge.

Composition Roofs Damage Assessment Field Guide

This field guide focuses on assessment of manufacturing and installation issues, weathering anomalies, hail and wind damage, and mechanical damage. It features a comprehensive glossary. Large, detailed photos and informative captions make this guide a must-have for those involved with damage assessment of composition roofs.

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