Adjuster Training thanks you for your interest in adjuster training. Here you will find a video explaining a little about our training programs. The training is offered though Claims Adjusters 411, Inc.

If you are interested in changing careers, the introduction to property adjusting is a good place to start. We offer classes at least every quarter or as demand requires. We are excited to offer a training course aboard the Carnival Cruise Lines Ship “Imagination”, departing from Miami January 14, 2013 and returning Friday January 18, 2013. For additional details see at Claims Adjusters 411.

Claims Adjusters 411, Inc offers basic and advanced classes for property adjusting to include classroom courses and field mentoring. While Claims 411 cannot guarantee work after training, AAN Adjusters Inc. does get most of its adjusters through the Claims411 training classes.

The typical cost for the adjuster classes range from $150.00 and up depending on the course. Adjuster classes are not just for adjusters. If you are a contractor you will learn insights into the insurance claims side of the business.