Marketing Opportunity

Associated Adjusters Network, Inc and Claims Adjusters 411, Inc are nationwide independent adjusting firms. We pay our adjusters, managers, reviewers and marketing people a percentage of services billed. We have marketing people earning in excess of $10,000 per month simply from a contact, relationship or sales of adjusting services.

Here is an example: We have a marketing budget of 10% of services . The average invoice is around 350.00 per claim. The marketing person would earn 10% of 350.00 less admin fees (usually 20 to 30.00 per claim). The marketing person would be paid 10% of 320.00 per claim netting the marketing person 32.00 per claim. If anyone had a relationship with a company who needed adjusting services or can encourage a company who needs adjusting services to use our company, this percentage can be very profitable. The marketing person’s only job duty is to maintain that client’s relationship and he gets the marketing percentage for every claim worked throughout the United States. Can you say “Easy Money”? See more details in the video on this page.

If an adjuster is also the marketing person for the same claim, he can get paid for both.