What Is An Adjuster?

When we refer to “adjusters”, we are referring to an individual who works for an insurance company, self insured company, or an independent adjusting firm who offers their services to the aforementioned.

AANI Adjusters handles property claims. Property claims adjusters must be able to climb roofs, prepare accurate measurements and estimates of damage, and communicate verbally and through written reports their findings. In today’s market, an adjuster is required to have good computer skills. For more information, please view the video on this page.

A typical property assignment is from an insurance company that insures a homeowner who has experienced damage to their home by wind, hail, fire, theft or other peril. The adjuster is required to travel to the property, photograph damage, take measurements, note damages, communicate to the insured what the process will entail then go back to the office and prepare an accurate estimate of damages accompanied by a written report explaining the adjusters findings. All this must be done as quickly as possibly because the insured in most cases gets no money for repairs until that adjuster’s report is into the client (the insurance company). A good rule of thumb for these claims is 5 to 7 days from the time the adjuster gets the file until the adjusters completed report and estimate is received back into the client’s office.

This type of adjuster can handle a large volume of claims. Since the adjuster is usually paid based on services rendered, the more claims per day he works the more he makes. In the example of a catastrophe there can be a real need for temporary adjusters known as catastrophe adjusters. It is not uncommon to see these type adjusters earn in excess of 100,000 per year and sometimes 25 to 30,000 per month. It does require long hours and working away from home, as storms can occur in coastal areas and areas where the adjuster would be required to travel to. On the other hand, there is a need for property adjusters to work daily claims in the area where they live. He may or may not get a lot of volume. Depending on who he works for, he may be provided with a company car and benefits. For “Daily” adjusters they may not earn quite as much as a catastrophe adjuster, but they are home and have steady stable work. These adjusters are known to have entry level pay from 30,000 per year to 55,000 for career adjusters.

Claims Adjusters 411, Inc handles liability claims. Claims411 works claims for nationally based trucking firms who are self insured. For example, a Tennessee based trucking company has an accident in Dallas TX. They would call Claims 411 to dispatch an adjuster to the accident location in Dallas to investigate. Adjusters are frequently required to respond to the call immediately to make contact with the parties involved in the accident before they leave the scene. This type of assignments requires photographing the accident scene and vehicles involved, measuring and diagramming the accident scene, obtaining statements from claimants and witnesses, obtaining the accident report from the investigating officer or authority, and assisting the client in reaching settlement of the claim after a determination of liability is made. The adjuster may be required to travel to a hospital, tow yard, or other locations to investigate the accident. This type of assignment requires a quick response time and fast factual communication back to the client. Adjusters are paid for these claims based on time, mileage, and expense. Typically the adjuster is paid $30 to $40 per hour based on experience and the client they are working for.

Here is a good example I once gave to a young man who was working hanging guttering and was looking for a job. I explained that that by learning to be an adjuster he went from looking for work in the classifieds under the general section to looking for a job under professional section (where adjuster jobs are listed).

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